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Re: apparently i can only knit flat!
Originally Posted by AnchorsAway
Hey everyone! I am knitting the bzzz hat from SnBn for my friend and I have some questions:
The hat is knitted on size 8 I knit my gauge swatch on circs or size 8 straight needles? (my guess is straights)

The pattern includes working in reverse stockinette stitch. How does one do that?

Lastly, his skull is 24" and the finished hat size is 20". Should I adjust the hat to be about 22" or something?

Thanks in advance!
Yeah knit the swatch on circs.

Reverse stockinette on circs mean you start purling instead of knitting. So let's say the pattern wants you to knit for an inch in stockineete then an inch in reverse then another inch in stockinette again. When you do stockinetee all you ahve to do is knit but to get "reverse" you have to purl to reverse the effects of the "just knitting to sstockineete" ratio" Does that makes sense?

ABout the sizing part, it's kindof a math problem. I think I would knit a swatch, find you stich per inch, then just multiply that by 24. I don't know what yer pattern is so don't know what you'd do about increasess and stuff. Hmmmm......
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