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Neck opening needs to be resized
I'm in the process of making a cowl neck shell in Bernat Miami which is a cotton blend ribbon yarn. I just started but am preparing for the worst. I'm concerned that the neck opening won't be large enough to get a head through.

I was thinking about binding off a few more stitches when I do the neck shaping. Would that make the opening larger?? Then when I pick up the stitches to add the cowl, should I add an equal number to the cowl to make it wider? For instance if it tells me to pick up 17 on each side of the 32 live stitches and I bound off 2 extra on each side should I pick up 19 plus the live stitches? Does this make sense??

Also, I always seem to bind off (at the end of the cowl/project) too tightly if I use the same size needles. How much larger can I go before it starts to look "funky." I have sized up 1 or 2 sizes and it looks OK but it could still be roomier.

I made a poncho in homespun and had to redo it twice before I got the neck opening large enough to get a head through.
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