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Knots in the Middle of Yarn
Hey all...
I was curious... what are your tips for dealing with the pesky knots that seem to crop up in the middle of a ball of yarn. Not knots from getting tangled in my work but those that seem to be when the yarn was wound by the manufacturer. I am working on a small baby blanket and the first occurence didnt' bother me, but now the 2nd one bugs me. And to boot... I committed a knitting sin and joined a new ball in the middle of a row. However, I have joined it fairly seemlessly, better than the knot that was in the other ball of yarn, because I have longer tails to weave in. But, I am concerned that because these "prefab" knots have no tails to weave, it's a tragedy waiting to occur. The yarn is cotton, I got it from Suss Design (the Hollywood Knits gal) and it came in hanks that were wound into balls. Perhaps I should have cut off the knot and been more apt to stop when I came to the end of that ball (and properly ended the yarn at the end of a row...) Please tell me I don't have to frog it!
Any input?
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