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Denise Cable/Cord question...
Hi all!
Yay! I received my very first set of Denise interchangeables today! I am perplexed though because out of the 6 cables in the set, there is only one 5". Who knits with a 5" circ? :thinking:
I went to the Denise site and they mention that the 9" is now in the set as it has been widely requested. I do like knitting on circs, but was hoping to also utilize the straight/flex needle option for smaller stuff. I know the lengths of the needle tips have to be considered when creating a circ, but if I add a 5 and 9 together to make a 14, then use the 14 and put tips on each, I guess I'll have a straight set of about 19-20" but that seems kinda long, and then I may as well just use a circ configuration. I was hoping to make a petite length of straights when out and about knitting. So, at the risk of sounding dense, I am not sure what to do. I emailed the Denise company my dilemma, but as impatient as I am, I thought I would poll the faboo groups of Have a I mentioned I LoooooOOOooVVVVvvvEEeeEE this site????
I see I will have to do a little light buffing of the tips as they have slight seams where they were formed, but no big deal... I like the consistency of the resin over regular plastic. By the way, I also went ga-ga and got several sets of diff sized Daisy needles. They are colorful and again, different than regular plastic. My faves are bamboo and more so my Addi turbo's (sooooo smooth). I am excited to use my Denises on the go. P.S. I have also collected 3 sets of handmade glass needles from Ebay, they are super slick but more fun to look at. Us crafters/hobbyist without kids yet have nothing better to do that buy this kind of stuff! I love it! Better stock up now so I have something to do if a baby does come along! LOL
Thanks in advance for anyone's input! :XX:
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