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Originally Posted by KellyK
Hey, Julie! How do you like that book? Are there any loopy bath rugs in it? If so, Do you have a way to scan or take a pic & pm me with it? Ive been trying to decide whether or not to buy that book from Amazon, but I REALLY WISH they would let you see pics of all the patterns. NONE of my local book stores have it in stock....etc etc etc blah blah blah!
OK, Kelly -- I know you're in Cancun and that this post is 2 months old, but I just ran across a method and yarns in Interweave Knits that I think would make a really cool bathrug. Check out this pattern. It's actually for a bath mitt -- which also looks really nice -- but if you read through the section on how to weave the "pigtail" cotton in with the knit cotton, it sounds to me like it would make a really nice plushy (although not loopy) bath rug!

Did you ever get the Knitted Rugs book?? Did you try the loopy bath rug?
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