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Grafting the Toe
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I got the pattern from a German site...with all the cool sock yarns they have, the probably figure everyone knows the part about splitting up stitches, etc. (some kind of innate German knitting knowledge haha)

It looks like the part that goes around the middle of your foot is K1, P1 rib...then it switches to stockinette. Probably so it is a little more sung on the instep.

I am so excited you are doing this!

Oh, duh, just thought of this. Let me translate

CO 60 sts, divide evenly over your needles (20 on each if you work with 3 needles, 15 on each if you work with 4) Knitting in the round, work 6 rows of K1 P1 rib, then switch to stockinette stich for about 2 inches. ETC, ETC. Helpful? Not meant to be anything but...I have gotten much better at decyphering patterns lately.
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