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ah ha, it's those germans! (my husband is from a german mum)

yeah yeah! I'm excited too! I needed something to do coz I've been staring at this beautiful dark brown yarn that I want to make a sweater out of but haven't figured out what pattern yet,

AND it's like 90 degrees here but my feet are cold AND

it's a quick little project (I hope) I cast on 60 stitches with some Reggia sock yarn I had, but then decided to do st prettier (alas no turquoise which is what I'd rather do) so ripped the 60 and did the cast on with some some lavender yarn for the top part, then maybe I'll switch to the multicolored reggia....

I think the middle size is good for me (shoe size 8) but I'm using size 2 needles and didn't check gauge so hoping for the best....

THANKS KEMP! WILL POST A PIC if I can do them...


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