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Casting On
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Vogue Lace-Up Camisole
All that's left is the neckband, and it's done...but I'm stuck!

This is from Spring/Summer '05, #23 Lace-Up Camisole.

The center front of the bodice is split, so you start in the middle and work 1x1 ribbing in flat rows around the neckline, creating straps as you work. I'm stuck on the straps:

Rib across Right Front
CO stitches for Right Strap, then work ribbing into these stitches (this is my problem)
Rib across Back
CO for Left Strap, work ribbing
Rib across Left Front

A Knitlister suggested casting on one stitch at a time, then working in pattern before casting on the next stitch.

Since it's in the middle of the row, what cast on method would you suggest?

Any tips greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot, Renée
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