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computer woes
Ok, I'm back! The lightning storms Tues night knocked my computer/modem out and it's finally fixed.

Well to update: I started doing this cutie the other day and worked all day on it. I decided to do the MEDIUM size coz I'm a size 8 shoe.
I was using #2 needles. Got up the next morning and started to continue, but tried it on again. In the clear morning light I found it was way TOO BIG coz these things gotta hug your feet snugly to stay on. So I RIPPED THE WHOLE (tiny) darn thing and started over doing the small size and smaller needles (1 1/2).

duh. thought these would go really fast but on such small needles it's just not true! I think I'd like to try a big chunky yarn next time and big needles so they do knit up fast and they'd be cute too....

Next Progress Report to come....

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