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Originally Posted by Sara
These socklets would be great to wear with thong sandals! My LYS is closed today! What will I do?! Oh, yeah, I have to finish DD's shrug by Sunday. Now I'm motivated to finish so I can start these. Thanks, Kemp, you're fabulous!
Well, its Thursday now! Is your LYS open yet I am making a trip to mine today. I think these would be really cute in the Opal Petticoat that I used for these baby socks. I have almost the whole ball left, but from what I understand this color may be a limited edition, so I think I should have another on hand since I like it so much.

What shrug are you doing? I haven't been able to find one like what I have in my head, so I am designing one instead. I am still on the lookout though for a fun pattern! I have the prototype for the arm/shouder, but I am starting again with some modifications. I am trying to do the whole thing in one piece. I think it will be fun/challenging/a pain in the $*^%#*??? Hopefullly I can figure it out before the end of the summer.
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