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Wow, I must've been dreamin' to think I could do this in a cinch.

what was I thinking????

Ok, I have to admit, I can do socks but I haven't done a lot of little tricky stuff. Kemp, did you make these or do you understand how to make them? (I'll bet Kelly knows how, somebody must know how!)

Um, after the really simple part, when you put the stitches on the holder... for the toe... then it says to cast on 4 sts to the rem 40 sts.

So, does that mean casting 4 sts onto the 4th needle coz that's what you just knit and you're about to knit needle 1.

AND are you supposed to knit these 40 sts in the round? I don't think so..... that looks impossible with the stitch holder, so that means I knit back and forth? oh geez, this looked so simple. ha

hmmmmmmmmm Time to start that big easy afghan I think...

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