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Originally Posted by Victoise
p.s.s. looking at that pink shrug, I was thinking of making it so thanks for that tip... You saw that before you started huh?
You must read a pattern through very thoroughly before starting.

Wondering if you like the little ruffles at the end of the sleeves. I thought it might be too 'cutesy' for me but like the simplicity of the rest of it.
Oh, Vic. I'm not smart enough to read the pattern first! I did the first six rows, realized as I started decreasing with the k3tog that by golly, 132 has never divided by three, so I frogged the entire thing. I will try to remember to do the math first from now on, but I don't hold out much hope for myself. I always want to start knitting NOW!

The ruffle is not very frou-frou. It's only about an inch long. I made it in black, so the ruffle just becomes a detail. It's going to look great with her confirmation dress and then she can wear it with jeans and t-shirts. We'll post a pic of it soon. I might have to make one for myself!

PS- I met a lady at the LYS who made the same shrug with Plymouth Sunsette. She loved the pattern and how quickly it knit, too. (She is rail thin, so she decreased the size of it.)
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