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Ok! I've said it before and i"ll say it again: LIFE IS FUNNY.

Yesterday I just gave up on the this dang little socklet thingy and started in on a shrug. (figuring someone would tell me how to read this pattern) This morning I hopped out of bed, charged downstairs and sat there staring at it and said, you are not going to intimidate me any more, you stupid pattern you.

So I picked it up, put the stitches I had on a stitch holder onto a piece of yarn so it was easier to close that hole up (the part that fits your foot not toe) and started knitting in the round. Of course it's in the round, there is no sewing of seams ... so...

I didn't like that cast on 4 stitches so I just didn't do it. Turns out I didn't need it, I wanted it snug. Then bound off purlwise yeah yeah, and picked up the 16 stitches on hold, picked up 4 which is the inside of the toe, and VOILA I completed the darn thing in an hour. or less. AND I CAN'T POST A PICTURE coz my camera needs recharging and the charger isn't here.

I will post a picture next week. It's cute (oh yeah I had to weave in about 15 or so ends coz I changed colors a lot) but what I'm finding is it feels a little too short on the top of my foot. So I might crochet around and make it longer. Maybe I'll just make it into a sock! :rofling:

What a LOT OF EFFORT for such a tiny thing. The biggest thing I learned from this project is I DO NOT want to make gloves! All that tiny work on dpns! Im using 1 1/2 needles btw. WHERE ARE MY SIZE 15 NEEDLES! I'm ready for them!!!!

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