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Originally Posted by Nuno930
Vic, it worked perfectly! Well, after the 3rd or 4th try. The pattern was the most advanced I've tried so far; it didn't say exactly where to increase, just "increase 18 stitches evenly across." I made a silly error in following my own little chart. Once I figured out what I was doing incorrectly, it was easy.
So how DO you know where to increase?
Well, Nuno, I am math-impaired, so this took me ages to figure out! I looked in several books, and many had a section about increasing "evenly across." I don't feel comfortable enough to explain it to anyone! I hope someone here will jump in -- you might need to start a new thread so they see your question. In the meantime, these *might* help: (sure wish I had found this before my math-horror weekend!)

Apparently there is also at least one software product that will do all this for you. Might be worth it for me. :rollseyes:

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