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Originally Posted by Victoise
good news Gardenia! Wow, I just looked at those tank tops.... they are BEAUTIFUL. Is there a pattern available on that site?
What yarn did you use btw?

Oops, I just noticed your question. The pattern is in a Lana Grossa pattern book, Filati 29 (what does it mean? heck if I know!). I bought it at my LYS for about $10. It is probably available on the site that has photos of the tank. The yarn is made by Lana Grossa, Italian, and is called Binario. It is 50% cotton, 45% viscose and 5% polyamide (I think that is what makes it slightly shiny -- it looks half shiny, half matte). It is wonderful to work with. I used a gift certificate a friend gave me to our LYS, so that helped with the cost. I saw this tank made up in the lime green, and it was very cute. The stitch pattern at the bottom of the tank is *way* easier than it looks.

I just added a photo on my blog of my "progress" (if you can call it that). :rofling:

Thanks for the input and support,

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