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ya know...there was one on HSN as their Today's Special this week (yeah i am a shop at home junkie...*sigh*) that i was considering pretty strongly. it was 20 bucks and i think (because i never got to see them actually use it) that it would work fairly well for that kind of thing. My thinking is that most likely i would never use it for anything more complicated than putting a lining in a purse or something like that and it was fairly small...i didn't get it because the regular price is just $25 and i can kind of watch to see if there are any bad reviews on it ....of course at $25 i can probably eat it too if it doesn't work that great. I don't know...i just figure that it couldn't be too horrible or they wouldn't have presented it as the TS and i wouldn't make it work that hard...

yeah i think i will have to buy it now that i have pretty much talked myself into
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