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Yay, Amy, for teaching us how to make our own needles!
I wasn't sure how "into" knitting I'd be, and didn't want to invest a bunch of money when I started, so I decided to make my own needles.
I kind of figured it would be pretty easy to do, but I shredded my hands whittling dowel tips w/a knife and sandpaper until I asked Amy (couldn't download the video rotten dial-up!) and she said use a pencil sharpener! I felt like an idiot...with sore hands LOL!
The only thing that I have to add (and forgive me if this is mentioned in the video already) is that I found that a make-up pencil sharpener is sooo much better to use than an electric or grinder sharpener, because
a) you can see how much wood you've taken off,
b) it seemed like there was a lot less sanding involved (and I did try w/all 3)
and c) the electric and grinder sharpeners (like the ones they used to have in school) only accept up to a size 8 or 9 needle - the make-up sharpener has a bigger hole for those fat eyeshadow pencils that was great for making my 10, 11, and 13's.
Oh yeah, one more tip - I wiped my 13's w/my dusting rag (saturated in Old English) twice, and they are awesome. I tried wax (I think that was suggested on this site somewhere, don't know) on my 11's, and they stick horribly. Go with the oil!
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