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Not an expert, so I need a lot of help
My grandmother taught me to knit only last spring, and so I didn't learn much about knitting. She showed me out to purl (which I thought was knit), and now, after 5-6 scarfs, I'm really needing some help to improve my technique. The videos helped me learn how to do the knit st, but even after doing about 10 rows of it, it looks exactly the same as the purl stitch to me. :( And, when I try to do stripes on a scarf, they always end up looking badly.

As you can see here. I was wondering if there was any way to knit a scarf with stripes with out having this happen?

At the same time, I was also wondering how to knit the letter "R" into a scarf as well.

Again, I am fairly new to this 'game', but I thank all who will try to help me. ^_^
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