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So here's everything I came up with....

i don't have a SEX budget

It sucks when you have to wait to get paid for SEX

SEX should be free

I have some stuff you could use for SEX... you can pay me later

SEX deprivation can lead to blindness

i haven't SEXed in a while... at LEAST 4 or 5 days.

I'm SEXing on Friday at a 40% off sale in at the VillageYarn Shoppe in Geneva (kk vicki suzie julie holly dotmom kimmie, 1to1? Anyone interesed in SEX?... it's okay to take off work for SEX... especially SEX like THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

hope I didn't leave any IL people out... i don't want you to be disenfranchised from SEX.
I'm back!
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