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Help - Decreasing in the round
I'm knitting a raglan top from the top down in the round. I'm at the point where I'm needing to decrease by 4 stitches every 10 rows.

What I have done is do the decreases at the part of the sweater where the front and back pieces meet (I am below the armholes) - and I did this by doing (think about this from the top down) a K2tog decrease on the left side of the "seam" and a SSK decrease on the right side of the "seam" - now that I'm looking at it, however, I think that I probably should have done it the opposite way, because if I look at the "seam" the stitches actually turn out from each other and there is a tiny hole

What do people think - would things be much better if I had a SSK on the left side of the seam and a K2tog on the right side?? :thinking:

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