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Casting On
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crochet cast on, working in knit stich
Hi all - up until this point I've knitted very basic items: a wash cloth, blanket, and 2 ponchos (ease knit rectangles). I'm attempthing a felted daypack from the Winter '04 Interweave - likely a much too difficult task for my skills, however I've decided to dive on in.

The "Base" instructions state: With crochet hook and contrasting waste yarn, ch 52. With black and cir needle, pick up and knit 1 st in the back of each ch - 52 sts. Do not join.

I made a crochet chain of 52 stitches in some extra wool yarn I had, then, not knowing quite what to do, I slowly knit into the chain. Re-doing it a few times to finally get the right number of stitches. The crochet chain was sort of just dangling and I would pick up each loop on the left needle and knit until the 52 loops were worked into 52 knit stitches. I've never heard of casting on this way - have I done this correctly? Also, what does this type of casting on achieve and what happens to the "waste yarn"?

Many, many thanks for any insight!

- Jen
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