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Yarn over
Lots of great advice,

I'll try some of your suggestions and see if it works. From your descriptions, I think I'm doing the normal YO correctly. Next time I'll try knitting it through the back. I wish I could scan the results, but we don't have a scanner. As for the video, when I try to download any videos off of the internet it locks my computer up. I was going to take a knitting class tomorrow, but the shop isn't giving lessons tomorrow. I'll go in to another store and show someone what I'm doing and try to get some free advice. If this blanket gets made in time and looks the way it should, I'll be sure to tell you. Thanks for all your advice. I'm going on a 14 hour plane ride and the plan was to make the blanket on the way to kill time. Time flies when you're knitting. Thanks again for your advice, and perhaps I can scan a picture of the blanket once I get back to work in August.

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