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Made a really, really stupid knitting in round mistake
Everything I've ever read about knitting in the round says to be sure to check that your cast ons aren't twisted when you beginning knitting. I swear that I did this. And then I began knitting. I did notice that when I got to the end of the first round, it seemed loose where both ends join but I figured I could just tack it together when I was done with the hat I'm working on. Also, I was getting my hair cut so was paying attention to that too (although with a haircut mistake, all you have to do is wait for it to grow out). Anyway, thinking that I'm just peachy keen cruising along with knitting the ribbing, I showed off my work to my sons, all of whom will be getting a variation of this hat. That's when I realized that I was a twisted wreck .
Here's what I did... and my question is, 'is this do-able?'
I undid a stitch at the end of the round and actually twisted the work back into alignment. Of course, the undone strands are now holding the twist, but my thoughts are that I can re"weave" that section and then "tuck in" and tack over what doesn't look good. It's that or just start over. I'm willing to start over but I feel like I'll never get past the beginner stage as long as I'm starting every dang project over at least once.
This long rag doesn't really require an answer.... I'm just venting my frustration. Maybe I should get myself a blog. But I started knitting again to rid myself of frustrations :rofling: !!!!! [/quote][/i]
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