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OT- Cats in or out?
Since there seem to be a lot of cat owners around here, I'd like to pose this question--Do you think a cat is better off indoors all the time, or allowed outside. My last cat was an indoor/outdoor cat (at her discretion) and lived to a very ripe old 21 years. She didn't even have a litter box until she was about 18 and couldn't make it through the night without waking me to let her out. I loved the fact that she was so independent and had such an interesting life.

We (actually, my adult daughter & her kids who lives with me) have a one-year old cat that we've had since she was a kitten who has stayed inside. My daughter is afraid she will wander and get hit by a car, lost, etc. My husband is concerned about ticks getting a ride into the house (big Lyme's area, here.)

I feel bad keeping her in--she meows to go out since she slipped out for a few minutes the other day--and I need some arguments for and against, if you don't mind.

Thank for your time.
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