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My cat Binky (see avatar) lives indoors, but is allowed supervised visits outdoors. He actually tollerates a leash on a tie down that screws into the ground (like you use for dogs). He sneaks out at least half a dozen times a year, mostly during nice weather but you couldn't push him out in the winter! He got out overnight 3 years ago (he's 7) and we searched until all hours of the night for him (he jumped thru our bedroom screen upon seeing another cat) and miraculously came back the next day. I find it funny we keep him in for his health and safety and so he doesn't use other people's gardens as his litter box, and he tries to get out a lot. Then there are cats you can leave the doors open for and they won't budge. I don't live in the country, but there is a river and woody area just blocks from our house so I keep him in unless we are all in the yard together. I keep up on his rabies and feline lukemia shots because you don't know what wanders through the yard when we're not around. Hubby and I couldn't agree on whether dogs are in or out so we comprimised and got Binky. He's a hoot and almost dog like anyway, you just don't have to let him out to do his doody. Soooo, I guess my opinion is keep 'em in to keep 'em safe, but take them out to play and eat grass and keep an eye on them. Besides, you never know if you have a kooky neighbor who thinks "if I find one more cat turd in my petunias, it's gonna be buckshot in that cat's hinder!" We had a neighbor like that growing up and another neighbor who felt leash laws don't apply to cats. Well, it was nothing but heartache in the end. Besides, you can give them satisfaction of the hunt instinct with treats and such without wondering what gross thing they'll kill to leave on your doorstep. Here we worry about West Nile virus, not so much from mosquitoes biting cats, but they give the disease to birds and cats may kill one or get it from an already dead bird they might find. Hope my 48 cents helped you out!
PS I have heard that indoor cats live longer, but that obviously wasn't the case with your little lady! But it's a thought I guess...
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