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Thank you all for your input. Or should I say INput. Ava (the cat) has her vaccinations, will ALWAYS have her claws, and does seem happy for the most part. I think I just feel a little guilty not offering her the wonders of outside. Maybe the next time she slips out, and with two young kids in the house during the summer, it's inevitable, I'll let her have a "supervised" visit. My daughter let her out during a thunderstorm the other night, just to show her it's not so hot out there. She stayed under the porch roof.

Part of this whole thing is that I still miss my Kitty, and kind of wish Ava were more like her. Kitty met my kids at the bus stop, walked them down, said hi to me when I got home, tapped on the window to go in or out, slept on my bed all winter. Ah, shucks, I'm getting misty. . . . Anyway, thanks again.
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