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KH Monthly Challenge: JULY
I can't believe I made it to July 3rd and forgot! Thanks to Debbie for the gentle reminder :-) And thanks to everyone else who looks forward to the challenges! (i feel loved)

SPECIAL THANKS to Sara who came up with a FABULOUS idea for this month's challenge: The Beach!
Originally Posted by Sara
Not to step on Hildie's toes, but I would like to suggest a beach theme. Sea shells, sand colored things, cabana stripes, bikinis, cabana boys, cabana striped bikinis for cabana boys...
Even if I had toes, you wouldn't have stepped on them: this is agreat idea! (I was thinking of it for August, but I like it better for July!)

SO! Knit the beach! Beginners, there's a great shell purse on the patterns page. Let's see all those S&B knitted bikinis. Maybe a knitted beach ball?

Happy Knitting!
I'm back!
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