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K versus K tbl
Hi All,

I've been knitting for about a year (an addiction)...and currently just started on a baby sweater in the new Rowan book "Classic Babies" (Book Four). I am making Jimmy, which is an aran cabled sweater with pockets. Its adorable, but I just realized I messed up where the ribbing ends and the chart kicks in.

Instead of "K1 tbl", I just "K1" and where it says to "P1 tbl", I just "P1". I understand now that "tbl" means I should have knit and purled in the back loop, but I'm wondering what the difference is between that and a regular stitch...and if I should go back and correct this in the 4 rows I've done or start doing it correctly from here on out (I am currently on Row 5 of the Chart). I don't mind going back, but I am really not sure what the "tbl" is all about.

Thanks for any help or insight you may have.
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