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Idea for a knitting tote.
Wasn't sure where to post this, so I'll let the Mod squad sort it out. (you're welcome, ladies )

Anyway, I had mentioned a book when I first signed on to this board, called 365 knitting stitches a year. (can't remember it's exact title, and even though it's out in my living room, I'm too lazy to go get it hehe) Well reading several earlier posts about what to do with the gauge swatches and so on, I think I've found a use for this book. And that is, I'm going to put together my own knitting tote using the knitted swatches, that I do religiously every morning.

Had looked on Ebay to find one that could hold my stash, but unfortunately, couldn't find one that I liked. Besides, it's going to be my tote, might as well show off my work in a functional manner, what do you all think?

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