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Has any one tried ? I found my knitting group there .
But, now charges 20.00 a month to advertise your group so others can find you ( many people have left for that reason and gone to Yahoo groups that's free (not so many hits either) but that's another option :D ) But, since many organizers have stepped down due to the new fee one could take over as an organizer to an already started group and I THINK pay only 9 bucks instead of the new fee. Which in my opinion is cheap to have an excuse to be able to get out of the house every Weds. night to knit with others who :XX: like I do. You could also ask every one to pitch in a dollar or 2 to help cover the cost I think that anyone could handle that.
Just my 2 cents...
and here's my group (I'm an asst organizer) if you'd like to check it out .
I'm thrilled to have found this group!
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