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Ellen, there are many places here on the net for tutorial in sock making. If you would have a look at the videos that Amy has made for us you will find some info there and I will gather some up for you, as well. you will find a lot of info here a very useful article
another must read and another tutorial yet another!! some helpful videos,00.html and the last one...the videos on this show launched my sock knitting 'addiction' about 6 months ago lol!
Please don't hesitate to ask me if I can be of any assistance, just email or pm me or ask anyone around here and we will all try to help you out :D . Sock knitting is BUNCHES of fun and very addicting!
If you are not familiar with dpns I suggest that you buys a set of larger ones (around sizr 6 to 8) that are made out of bamboo or wood (so that the yarn isn't slippy on the sticks) and practice getting used to the dpns; then play around with the same ones and practice some of these sock techniques in this info that you have before you begin your 1st pair and this will make your 1st sock experience much more pleasant and fun :D . I'm always just THRILLED to hear of someone that wants to learn to make socks. It's really quite easy....just remember you are always working with 2 needles at a time, no matter how many you have on your sock.
Have fun
bye for now
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