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Working the Gusset
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My nipples aren't right
I am working on the boobie scarf from and am having problems understanding the nipples. Since I am typing this on a mac and am not familiar with all of the features of it yet (like copy/paste), I will just type the part I don't get.

Nipples must be worked on RS. Work nipple on center st of row. Knit into front and back of center stitch. Turn. Work 2 sts. Turn. Work 2 sts. Turn. K2tog. Continue working boobie as above.

Am I supposed to end up on the WS when I K2tog? If not, then I'm stuck because that is what's happening. Here is how I am working it:

RS - Knit into front and back of center st. Turn.
WS - Work 2 sts. Turn.
RS - Work 2 sts. Turn.
WS - K2tog

This causes me problems because it seems to me that I am now working in the wrong direction. I made the nipple in the middle of a row and am supposed to continue working that row after the nipple is completed. For example, I know I am supposed to have 5 stitches in a row, so I would work the nipple on the third stitch. Once that is finished, I thought I would end up at stitch number 4 so that I could finish that row.

I'm confused. Help me fix my nipples please.
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