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Puff Sts?? Dish cloth pattern help!
I am working on another dish cloth This one here:

I am already lost on Row 1!!! It says everything is in multiples of 6 stiches + 2, but I am counting 9 stiches + 2. So, that leaves me with 3 stiches missing if I cast on the 34 stiches and use up 8 total for the borders, +2 for those stiches in each row.

And what in the heck is a puff st??? Is that were I am going wrong??

So, back to row 1, here is the instructions:
P2, *(k1, p1) twice in next st forming 4 puff sts), p2, k1, p2; rep from *.

So I did this exactly: p2, then repeat this pattern: k1, p1, k1, p1, p2, k1, p2. I am wondering if the twice in next st forming 4 puff sts part is what I goofing up and just ignoring something??

Anyone have any insight?

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