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Toe Up Socks Discussion
Hello Sock Knitters~

I am about to embark on a journey to make toe up socks. After doing a search in our very own forums (great discussion here) and a brief google search, I feel I have the basics understood. Of course, understanding and doing can be two completely different tasks.

There seem to be many more options to starting a toe. There are square toe shapes and round toe shapes. With square toes, there are several different cast ons. I'm sure I do not have all of the information yet either.

My favourite cast on method so far is the Figure Eight Cast On, described at (haven't tried the ones that require a crochet hook or smaller needles, because I do not have them). I am intrigued by the round toe, or pointy toe, shape and the cast on is significantly more involved. I found a tutorial from here. I also came across this site which has distinctive left and right toe socks.

I've made it to row 2 so far on the pointy toe and thought that I would like to have more of a discussion on toe up socks. What kind of CO do you use? Why? What else would you like to share about knitting socks this way? I've come across different heels as well. I'm sure I will find more about that when I get to them on my own sock. Can you give me, and other sock knitters, your insight?
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