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Re: a question for male knitters
Originally Posted by Miss_Knit
do u knit in public? do u carry your stuff in knitting bag, even if it looks girly? what made you start knitting? ive been trying to explain to my friends that knitting isnt just for girls, like how football isnt just for guys. i have gotten some skeptical looks from that
Here's my answers as well...

1. Yes, I knit in public.
2. I carry my stuff in a backpack.
3. I wasn't getting crochet down. I was trying to do an activity I could share with my wife (she crochets). Plus it's a constructive thing and allows me to make gifts (once i get good enough to do so).

As for your friends, if they are guys... tell them to get some cahunas and get over it. They can try it and if they dont like it, fine. But they won't know until they try it.
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