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Vertical buttonholes? Armholes..dolly
Ok... So I'm making my own pattern for a doll. Is it possible to do vertical buttonholes? I'm getting the feeling that it isn't after I think about it for a while. I want the buttonholes to be for the arms legs and neck so I dont have to do a lot of seaming (actually none...) Because on a doll I think it looks tacky. So having the buttonholes would be there for the future to pick up and knit in the round.

Do I have to do them horizontally? and will it still make a circle shaped arm and not look flat?

Cause I was actually thinking of doing this (below), so I wasn't planning on just binding off just one row on bottom...if that makes sense. I hope this is understandable. But I'm thinking if I tried to make a box buttonhole, it just wouldnt work because of the carrying thread between stitches. It would just connect the other side again. ( and I dont want to knit back and forth. I want this to be in the round.)
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