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Re: a question for male knitters
Originally Posted by JGM
Originally Posted by Miss_Knit
do u knit in public? do u carry your stuff in knitting bag, even if it looks girly? what made you start knitting? ive been trying to explain to my friends that knitting isnt just for girls, like how football isnt just for guys. i have gotten some skeptical looks from that
1. All the KIP I've done is in the lunch room at work so far. But I just started KIP. I plan to do more KIP. I like saying KIP.
2. As of now, I keep my knitting in the horrid grocery bag. I plan on making a satchel eventually but I'm cheap and don't want to buy the recommended yarn.
3. I started crocheting in college and when I got good at that I wanted to try knitting.
4. KIP!
omg! i wanted to make that satchel too, but i saw this awesome pattern with skulls so im gonna make that asap!
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