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need hat help/ideas please
So yesterday I am looking all over the place for a good bucket hat pattern. Hilde did find a good one (and free), but it wasn't quite what I wanted. So, I thought, "no problem, I'll just design one myself". Never having made a hat, I guess, should have worried me a little. Nope, I plunged right in.

Below is my version of the bucket hat

Not quite what it should be, eh? The part below the mango color should be a wide brim that would either stick out 90 degrees from the hat part or at least 45.

I HATE to frog. I would really rather try to salvage this if possible. BTW, doesn't it remind you a bit of Dumb Donald from the Fat Albert cartoon? My thoughts so far:

1. Isn't there something like spray starch except that you could dunk the whole piece in it? Maybe that would make it stiff enough to fashion a brim that would stay in place.

2. Wire? Thin? Threaded around the edge and under the stripe where the brim should begin??

3. Ditch the hat effort and call it a bowl cozy.
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