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Extra Extra Read all about it! Hero Kitty Saves Brother!
"Meow. I just didn't want him to get hurt!"
--Stanley Spadowski, who saved Cheddar "Fatso" Biscuit from certain death by yarn lynching

So I'm up here in the computer room TRYING to get some work done (ie catch up on the posts I've been neglecting) when Stanley, my gray and white kitty, comes in the room just HOWLING his head off.... I'm like "Oooh, kitty, whatsa matter???" And I get up to walk out of the room, and he's trotting down the steps, stopping to make sure i'm flollowing him (like Lassie, but cuter and smarter, of course) and WHAT do I find in the living room, but CHEDDAR (the orange fatso) wrapped up and tangled in some pink acrylic yarn i bought a while ago but lost!!!!!!! Poor guy, he musthave stashed it somewhere (with my yarn needles, stitch markers, some solder, and an emerald earring) and decided that tonight was the night to get it out and play with it. Poor Stanley sat there and meowed the whole time while I snapped a few pictures and untangled Cheddy from the mess. When i untangled him I realized that he REALLY was tangled up, and might have gotten hurt: some of the strands were wrapped so tight that when I tried to pull he came scooting across the floow with them! But all is safe now. Here's the pictures I took.
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