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Uh oh!! I thought the yarn I got from eBay was wool, and it isn't!! It's 100% acrylic.....and I like the tweedy color and everything. it's DK, and for some reason I thought I was ordering 100% wool. Alas, I was NOT. :rollseyes: I got 300 grams of this stuff for about 12 bucks, and I really like the texture and all that, but a question:
I've knitted one sock with it already. How comfortable are acrylic socks, ya'll?? I feel so stupid...not like I was conned or anything; I guess I just assumed that it was wool. It didn't say it was acrylic either, though!!

Should I use it for something else other than socks--will they be too hot, or not absorb moisture ??I've always heard wool blends were better for socks because of the wicking thing. Now I've got this lovely sock with everything done but the toe, and I just found out it isn't wool!! SHould I frog it--or not?? :XX:
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