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Did you ever get clarification on what to do next? I am in a similar pickle. I am using the Layette Booties (free pattern) and made it all the way to :

To make foot: With RS of work facing, pick up and knit 11 sts
along side of instep. K13 from left hand needle. Pick up and knit
11 sts along other side of instep. Knit across rem 16 sts.

I am working this on two needles, and all the instruction on how to pick -up stitches make it sound as though the segment should be off the stitch, but there were never any directions to cast off. So I now have two sections cast onto one needle and one section cast onto the other. How do I pick up and knit?

Also - since my last instruction was to break off the yarn, should I just do another slip knot to start making the foot?

Many many thanks for any help or advice!
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