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It seems that everyone has similar questions. I'll try to generalize and we can take it from there.

ekg had an excellent way of putting it in that you act as if those stitches don't exist. You knit to where they tell you to turn. Then you physically turn the work as if you've completed a row. You're going to knit on these stitches for a number of rows for the instep--top of the foot.

Then you cut your yarn. Make another slip knot and reconnect your yarn where they tell you to, usually the bottom of the instep on the right side as it faces you.

You pick up the number of stitches it calls for, knit across the top of the instep, down the side and then the stitches that were remaining on your left needle.

It will look weird, but just do what they tell you to do.

If you need help on how to pick up stitches use the video above.

When you're finished with this section, you'll have the stitches that had stayed on your right needle, the picked up stitches along the right side of the instep, the top of the instep, the stitches you picked up along the left side of the instep and the stitches that were on your left needle all knitted over to your right needle.
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