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You folks are fabulous! What am amazing rally to my desperate plea for help! I especially found Jouf’s recommended website for Sock’s 101 useful. I am pleased to report I have made ONE BABY BOOTY!

For the others out there still struggling, I'll let you know the source of my confusion in the hopes that it will help you.

1. You can do this on two needles, but some people use three.

2. They keep saying it, but for some reason it took a while for me to believe it. TURN really does mean turn the piece around. Its so simple its almost sinister! Yes, just turn it over, even before you get to the end of the row. The design is trying to get you to make (for example) 11 stitches that are three rows height, followed by 11 stitches that are nine rows height, followed by 11 stitches that are three rows height, 33 total stitches.

3. Break yarn means cut the yarn but do not cast off the needle. (I left a long tail for safety’s sake.)

4. The next step is turning the gusset (making the heel). This was where I almost threw in the towel. I had one short sections and one tall section on the left hand needle (22 stitches total) . I had one short section on the right needle (11 stitches) .

SPECIAL thanks to Ingrid and Kelly here for the hint: The key is to pick up stitches along the SIDE of the instep!

With the right needle I inserted the tip into the SIDE of the tall column. (ta-daa) when you pick up stitches with the side here you’ll be casting on more stitches than you previously had. (as per my #2 example, where I had 33 stitches, after I picked up stitches from each side of my 11 stitch nine row section, I ended up with all stitches cast onto the left hand needle and guess what, I had 59 stitches.

(At this point I was wondering if I had screwed up big-time! But, when I read the next part of the instructions the pattern called for me to have 57 stitches. (so I was off by a few)

5. Then it was back to basic knits, slips and purls so I just stuck it out till the end of the design. After cast off, I took out my needle and sewed up the bottom of the booty and the back of the heel. I looked at the work in awe because it actually looked like a little baby booty!

Now, I’m not saying these instructions are exactly what the designer intended. (I think so,and I sure hope I got it right. But, as a totally book/internet taught knitter sometimes I have to be a bit creative to get to a finished product.) I’d appreciate any advice on my process, and hope that people in a likewise situation as I was in (read: stuck and confused) will find my baby booties step-by-step useful.
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