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Help w/Berroco Pattern
I just want to say that I've been lurking for the last month and am really impressed with this site! While I learned to knit when I was ten, I never completed anything until recently (I'm 32) . Anyway, this site has helped me tremendously and I have found the answers to most of my questions by searching the posts here.

Now, I am attempting my first piece of adult clothing. The Sharda from Berrocos book #234 Leisure Class and I could use some help and was hoping that one of you kind knitters could help out.

The pattern says to do this for the bodice shape:

Bind of 43 sts, dec 8 sts evenly spaced across;
k76 sts, dec 15 sts evenly spaced across;
Bind off remaining 43 sts, dec 8 sts evenly spaced across - 61 sts left of needle. Purl 1 row.

I'm confused since first of all, I read here (another post) that you shouldn't bind off on both ends in one row. Also, where it says to dec, does it want you to dec over the next 76 sts? If so, where do you dec the other 8 sts since it says to bind of the remaining 43 first?

I hope I've explained the problem good enough - so far I'm not really digging this patter but am determined to make it work and finish it.

Thanks so much for the help in advance!
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