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Hogwarts Scarf
I know a lot of people are probably going to try and knit a nifty scarf before the new movie premier, and I had a hunch I'm not the only on KH who is. So I figured I'd start a knit-along! Yay!

There are two different scarves I'll be making. One is a block scarf as in the first and second movies. The pattern I'm using is here.

The scarf I'm working on now is like the scarves in The Prisoner of Azkaban, and from what I can tell, it'll be like the one's in Goblet of Fire too. XD The pattern for that scarf is here.

I just started knitting it today. I hope someone joins me!

Knitting is fun! It kept me busy during my ensemble tour this summer. I will be busy working on my music major at college, but I will try to post as I can. I love!
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