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Circular Needles
I too am attempting to use circular needles for the first time to make a baby blanket. I had read the answer to the previously posted question about the circular needles and I think I understand that you cast on the required stiches (in my case 171) and then start knitting the first row and that end of the first row, you switch the needles in your hands. I am a left handed knitter but I start with the left needle and knit onto the right needle, then I would put the right needle (the one with all the stiches) in my left hand and start again. Are you flipping your work or does that not effect it. I really confuse myself by thinking about this. Please help my confused my brain!
PS - Thank you for the tip about straightening out the cable with the circular needles, I was thinking on letting it sit under a heavy book, but I like your idea better.
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