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Update: I've about 6" of #4 done, but it looks like I chose to @$$@$$inate the wrong stash ball. I don't have enough to finish the 'ol cloth. So I need to decide whether to frog to an even point in the pattern or join another stash and continue like normal ... decisions, decisions ... :thinking:

I have also decided that I'm going to call mine a "wash cloth"; I don't wanna use it as a dish cloth ...

The pattern is quite nice too. I'm actually getting the same right leaning st pattern as I did with the blanket that I just finished (Blue Tranquility from ISBN 1574862235, Leisure Arts #3219), except without the YO. It's called a Right Twist (RT) in the cloth pattern:

K2tog, do NOT slip sts off, K the first st, slip both sts off

It alternates a block of RT's w/ a block of seed st. Really cute and I can't wait to finish and @$$@$$inate another stashball!

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