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Ribbing & The Sweater Workshop
Has anyone read The Sweater Workshop? It's great so far. I want to knit some sweaters, and so I am learning. The only thing I've knitted so far is a scarf (Harry Potter / Ravenclaw - Scarf Pics) which went really well.

Anyway, I'm doing the Sampler she has in the book, and the stockinette and garter stitches went really well. Now I'm on to the ribbing, and it's the first ribbing I"ve ever done.

I don't have a picture, but my K1P1 ribbing is totally completely loose! It looks pretty poor. Unlike the book.

I'm using a 5mm circular with worsted weight wool yarn for my practice (tried some cheap yarn and kept splitting threads, wasn't worth it). So maybe I need a smaller kneedle? It's the same size as I used for the stockinetter and garter.

I was just wondering why my ribbing is so darn loose. I also did the K1bP1 ribbing, which looks really nice. And I'm trying K2P2 ribbing now, which looks just as loose as the K1P1 ribbing.

Hrmph. I'm not very good at Purling yet, my scarf was all knit stitching.

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