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Originally Posted by Nuno930
What is your advice?
To get a Boye interchangable set no really... that is all I have.
lol....that was basically going to be my answer. i keep my needle sizer thing, a small pair a of scissors, a small crochet hook, a needle and of course all my needles in my case. if i am planning on starting something requiring a pair of 16s i throw that in there too. i carry them with me where ever i go! I had planned on making something but gave up when i couldn't get the design that was sort of rattling around in my head to work quite right. So i bought the circular solution off the knitpicks site for all the extra circs i have laying around. now i just have to go through and organize them.

I do think the interchangeable case is about the best thing ever for making sure you have just about everything you will need with you when you are out and about!
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