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The only needle case I have is with a set of Clover bamboos that was my first "set" i bought when i took up knitting a year ago. They came in a fairly nice tapestry fabric case with all the needles in pockets and a flap then you roll it up and wrap a velcroed ribbon around it. I just realized a few weeks ago when taking out a needle, that it had funny darkish marks on it. not too dark, but mottled almost like a light mildew turns out the black fabric that lines the case must have bled a little on some of the needles. I emailed the company last month on how to clean them and never got a reply :(
I have some fabric i got at michaels and an idea in my head but haven't made my own roll. i see the silk ones by lantern moon and they are nice, but it seems the idea in my head just doesn't exist.
I have both the denise and boye sets, but i also have several addis and several sets of bamboo and aluminum straights. i'm an equal opportunity knitting tool freak.
but, I am leaning toward a needle roll in some sort of nice fabric, maybe more than one depending on need and mood. I have seen some sites that sell clear acrylic tubes with red caps for carrying straights in your bag. that would be an ok idea too.
that's my inital 482 cents!
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